In order to maintain the knowledge of existing employees fresh and update where necessary, and to perform the training of newly hired employees, electronic learning can be performed without restrictions of time and place, eliminating the need for gathering the personnel together, thus saving costs on hall, classroom and accommodation.

Simulations designed and produced by DamaSistem, subjects and concepts that are more costly and from time to time impossible to describe by traditional methods, are transferred to the users by a much faster, easier and effective method with the aid of two and three dimensional animations. Subsequently, thanks to interactive applications, multiple choice tests and ordering and fill in the blanks exercises, even with the educational games, the achievement through the training given is reported via the measurement and evaluation taking place after the training.

The content, provided in a form compatible with SCORM and IMS, may be used in open source coded Learning Content Management Systems. This way, other advantages, such as forums, file storage, dictionary, chat, test and surveys are offered free of charge along with 70 languages support.


The developments in the capabilities of mobile devices and their dropping prices, the facilities offered for mobile Internet access, led DamaSistem to utilize its experience in electronic training in the field of mobile education and to design and develop mobile training solutions.